Gordy Scofield

Senior Polymer Engineer

Gordy Scofield has over 5 years of experience with polymers, specifically with high-performance polyurethane formulation. Gordy received his M.S. in Bioengineering from the University of California San Diego and his B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry from the University of Maryland College Park (UMD). Before joining Algenesis, Gordy worked in a UMD lab as a chemist developing novel hemostatic materials. Before all of that, Gordy was a beach lifeguard, which he may very well return to one day in the distant future.

When not in the lab or office

You can find me camping, surfing, petting or taking pics of my dog Ruca, playing beach volleyball, singing, reading, and enjoying nature.

Soleic tech applied

I would love Soleic applied to sunglasses. I love the sun but my eyes don't. And losing a pair of sunglasses is common, which contributes to a lot of plastic pollution. I want all of those lost shades to biodegrade and not contribute to the problem of (micro)plastic pollution.

My vision

I envision a world in which the products that you buy won't last on the planet longer than you will. A world in which you can use high performance materials without feeling as bad for the planet. A world in which we can forget about petroleum and microplastics and respect our home!