Katherine O'Shea

Research Associate II

Katherine O'Shea graduated with a BS in Biochemistry from University of California of San Diego. Katherine spent two years in an undergraduate lab position, and earned an Undergraduate Summer Research Award for her work on metabolic engineering in yeast. She enjoys branching out into adjacent fields including molecular biology, analytical chemistry, ecotoxicology, and natural products extraction.

Outside the lab

I enjoy swimming anywhere there's water, shooting 35mm film, embroidering, laughing with friends, and thrifting.

Soleic tech applied

Disposable razors are used around the world for anything from personal care to tattoo prep. They have a very short lifespan on the consumer end, but last for thousands of years in our landfills and waterways.

My vision

I want future generations to inherit a world in which common household items don't come with the threat of producing microplastics!