Ryan Simkovsky

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan Simkovsky received his PhD in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and his BS in Biology from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Ryan has nearly 30 years of scientific expertise, including project management, grant acquisition, and conversion of scientific results to intellectual property. Prior to joining Algenesis, Ryan worked as a Project Scientist at UC San Diego and as a PI on numerous DOE-funded projects that advanced the state of algae biotechnology, many of which were in collaboration with Algenesis.

When not in the lab or office

You can find me having a great time with my family!

Soleic tech applied

I want to see Soleic technology in the toys that our kids play with, so I know those objects aren't hurting them by making persistent microplastics.

My vision

For a world in which we are not destroying our environment and where future generations don't have to worry about the same problems with plastics that we do.