Veronica Wu

Board Member

Veronica Wu is the founding partner of First Bight Ventures - a venture firm that is dedicated to commercializing and scaling biomanufacturing for industrial applications such as chemicals, textiles, materials, food. Prior to founding First Bight, she was a successful business executive responsible for scaling sales for large technology companies such as Apple and Tesla in Asia.

Prior to that Ms. Wu was Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company where her focus was in the Information Technology and Telecom sector. After McKinsey, she also served as Senior Director of Strategy at Motorola where she led application ecosystem development and was first to develop a prototype of Siri on Mobile Devices.

After close to two decades of corporate operating career, she turned into a technology investor in 2015 and led a Chinese Private Equity firm to deploy close to $200M in Silicon Valley technology start-ups. She crafted a unique strategy to leverage the operator angel ecosystem in Silicon Valley and proprietary machine learning tools to create an efficient and scalable deal sourcing and filtering process that resulted in a high volume of quality deal flow and superior selection. In six years, she has invested in over 300 companies that delivered 34 unicorns, 6 SPACs, and 4 IPOs.